Another Nice Wx Day!

Morning started out kind of foggy but it eventually cleared up and got up to 75 degrees before mid-afternoon. Nice out there. Me and the Dog took off all our clothes and took a walk around the back of the property. Then I mowed the back yard. (Thank goodness for having a rider mower!)


Made a trip to COSTCO for some things we need before all this though. It was a nice ride actually. COSTCO was kind of crowded though so, except for stopping by the (much depleted) DVD/Blue Ray section, I pretty much Man-Shopped COSTCO. Which is really kind of hard to do cause there are so many interesting “things.” But I did it.

Spent some time looking for a new laptop. Man, they ain’t cheap. I need one with as big a screen as I can get (I’m Old) and a minimum of 3 USB Ports. (Mouse (cause I hate those mouse track things), CAT cable to control the radio, SignaLink USB sound card for digital modes.) Which means I’ll need to spend $600+. For a laptop. I don’t need a lot of ram or a giant hard drive in the thing; but it has to have at least 3 USB ports. Even a large screen isn’t as necessary as those.


Ugh! Accidently tried to nuke a thing of pork rinds. Ugh! See what happens with distracted microwave popcorning! Pork Rind smell will stay around all night now.

That’s it. Time for Mythbusters!

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