Man! What A Pain In The Butt!

Just spent about an hour updating my LOTW and eQSL accounts and uploading/downloading stuff. That LOTW is a pain when you forget your secret key! Have my radio computer downloading my eQSL cards now. Which is repeating itself because it added a subdirectory to the directory I told it the cards I’d already downloaded were in. So instead of seeing that it’s already downloaded a card, it thinks it hasn’t and is re-downloading it. What a pain.


Other than that it was a fairly normal Saturday. SWMBO had to take her dizzy cat to the Vet so she didn’t make the Genealogy Library today. She got back about 1400 and took me to DQ for a late lunch. Our usual stop at Safeway and we came on home.


She was tired so she laid down and read awhile while I took all the maters I canned in 2010 & 2011 to our neighbor. He really likes them and we weren’t using them fast enough so I figured “What The Hell.” I still have a butt-ton of maters I’ve canned in 2012 through this past week. More than enough for our needs.

And I found 4 cases of Applesauce we haven’t used. (And a case of fruit cocktail.)


Listened to JT65 signals most of the day. Interesting but I haven’t made any more contacts using that mode. Did make a contact in Cherry Hill, NJ for a QSO party. Which got me to updating LOTW & eQSL.

So now I’m sending CQ on 2-meters just to see if it does any good. Just about bedtime anyway.

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