Is It Sunday Yet? Oh, Wait. It Is!

So, welcome to a new week! Hope it’s a great week for all y’all and you win the lotto!

Not much going on around here today. Usual Sunday stuff. I started the laundry but haven’t done any more to it. (I’ll be right back!) (There. Went and set it to rinse & spin the load of white’s so I can get the darks in. Forgot I put my bathrobe in to be washed and need to get that done before bedtime…)

There, now you’ve seen me actually DO something! Impressed? Yeah, me too.

HM "A" School. 1973? 74? Taken in Balboa Park.

MCARC 2-meter chat net @ 1930 and I’m still trying to make up my mind if I want to be Net Control tonight or not. Oh, sure. I usually am Net Control but sometimes having to do it is a bummer. Mostly I enjoy it though.

Scanned (re-scanned in some cases) the last of the larger pictures I have in a box. Now to sort all those pictures (over 10k at last count) into directories then try to put them into some sort of order (young to old?) and get them published/posted.

USS Plymouth Rock (LSD-29) 1978 or so.

Spent a couple of hours the other night (and some last night) uploading pictures I’ve scanned to my SkyDrive (link at right) both to back them up and to let the family look them over if they’re interested. I’d sure like to get hold of my aunt’s & uncle’s photo albums for awhile! Especially for the OLD pictures. Maybe I ought to put an “ad” on Facebook saying that they can all send me their photo albums and I’ll scan the pics and send them back with a copy of their pics on cd/dvd. Hmmm…

NRTF, Dixon, Ca 1977 or so. It's hard to remember anymore.

Damn! Sometimes I can’t believe I was young (and really stupid) sometimes.

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