Friday. Date Day!

Ain’t it funny how we change the older we get?

Young guy: “Let’s go play some football, drink a few beers, and screw our brains out. Take an hour tops.”

Middle aged guy: “Let’s go watch some football, drink a few beers, take a nap then screw our brains out. Should be a nice afternoon soaking away the pains afterwards.”

Old Guy: “Took a good shit today. Someone bring a beer! Once you go toothless, Babe, you never go back! What did I come in here for?”

We NEED A Movie Like          Blazing Saddles Again.

Date day with my schweetie went well. She took me to El Sombrero’s in Port Orchard. Good food! Good company! Quick trip to WinCo and home. Getting ready for our trip. It’ll be nice to get out of town for a day.

“I have Acute Angina.” She says.

“And your legs are pretty nice too!” Says I.

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