Pretty Nice Date Friday!

But I got to go out with my schweetie! That is always to be enjoyed.

Other than that pretty SSDD around here. Did finally get off my ass and clean the laundry room. Must have swept up a pound of dirt in there; left overs from our son not shaking his work clothes out (outside!) before throwing them into the washer.


SWMBO took me to Taco Bell in Port Orchard for dinner then to COSTCO to spend too much money on a bunch of stuff we needed. Wish I hadn’t gone! They had all the Star Trek TOS movies on Blu-Ray for $40 and I couldn’t resist. So now I have that collection. (Ripping them to .mp4 files now.)


Stopped at Safeway on the way back and SWMBO picked up the things we couldn’t get at COSTCO. I waited in the parking lot. Was nice. Quiet. Except for all the cars going by with their radio’s blaring or people yelling at each other.


We manage to get to Taco Bell once every couple of months or so (you’ve probably read all about it here) but I gotta tell you: That first bite of Taco Bell Taco is like, OH YEAH! Yes, I know it’s not real Mexican food; it’s Taco Bell for gosh sake.

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