Usual Date Friday With SWMBO.

She drug me out of the house around 1030 to go eat lunch at the all-you-can-eat Chinese place in Port Orchard. It was good, as usual. And I had way too much fish, shrimp, and chicken, as usual. Our son joined us today and it was that much better.

After lunch we all went to St. Vinnie’s to see what they have before SWMBO had to go to her Genealogy class at a friends in Olalla. Our son and I just came on home. Been lounging around since.

Oh, I took the dog for our usual walk between the raindrops. After she got home SWMBO and I went down and checked the garden (nothing growing yet) and “mater” beds. Everything is pretty much SSDD.

Spent a couple of hours updating apps on my Nexus 7 and installing Tumblr, Google Drive, Outlook mail and some other things. Have the video I collected from the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami playing for noise in the background. (Sometimes I put them on and pretend it’s Los Angeles instead of Japan.)

Just took my BP medicine and about to hook up with to see if there are any of our programs to download.

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