A True Invisible Man Would Be Blind As A Bat!

Stop and think about it. If he was really invisible, the Rods & Cones in his eyes couldn’t stop the light; and that’s what gives us sight. Just thought I’d give y’all something to think about.

Pretty “normal” Monday around here. Talked to my friend in Vista, CA on 14.342 USB around 1515. Got busy cleaning/rearranging the Pantry (and that took all afternoon). Can’t believe the amount of “stuff” we had on the shelves that are past their “Use By” date! What were we thinking?


We also have enough canned Peaches & Apple Sauce to last at least a couple of years. Told SWMBO that if she even thought about doing more Peaches or Apples before what we have is almost gone, that I would, lovingly, but soundly, whup her. (I wouldn’t though. (Her Ass was made for kissin’ (but don’t tell her I said so.)))


Was listening to  a couple of guys on 80-meters in England on www.websdr.org and they were a crack-up! They got onto Aliens and how we really can’t see things on Earth from orbit (It’s All Hollywood) and I was too busy laughing to hear the rest. What Doobs!


Anywho, that’s about it. Days are getting shorter. And cooler. The Deer have decided they like my ripe cherry tomato’s. No Nets tonight. Think I’ll go lay down and read. (Destination Moon.)

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