It’s Another Busy Monday

Only because I made it that way! On purpose!

Got most of my stuff out of my room and set up in the big room. Even managed to move the 2-meter antenna to the back deck and hooked up. Was going to move the main antenna over but it started raining pretty good. Tomorrow, IF it’s not raining. I’m too old to be climbing on the roof in the rain. Even got both computer’s hooked up and running just fine. (I’m good!)


Of course, the Big room is a total mess.

Other than that just not much else going on. Did get down in the MILA and install the new blinds. Put the last cabinet door back on. Have to get down there tomorrow and clean the windows and sills and I’ll be done. Then I can (re-)start the work in my room. Not that I’ll know what the hell I’ll be doing; but I’ll give it a try.


Feeling tired. We stopped by Safeway on the way home and got a few things. Funny how we’ll go in for one or two items and walk out with quite a few more! The whole damned store is an “impulse buying” store!

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