Just Want To Thank Everyone That Took A $50 Raspberry Pi Kit And Jacked It Up To Over $200 “Because.” And I broke my Pi-Hole.

I need 1 or 2 for projects but won’t be buying them until the price goes back down to somewhere near normal. Dipshidiots.

Trying to make things “better” I broke the Raspberry Pi in the TV room. Well, not physically broke it; just hosed the Pi-Hole installation so  badly that I went ahead and re-flashed the card and reinstalled Pi-Hole and the CUPS (Print) server. Also  installed PiVPN to play with too. The first two are working great. Still learning PiVPN. Well, still learning Pi-hole too.

Trying to re-build/fix our Network too. Surprising the number of “things” attached to our network. Not that 7 security cams and their controller help with that much. (But at least I can be sitting in Bumfuck, Egypt and see who’s at my front door. Or basement door. Or stealing peas from my garden.)

And this is why I’m seriously considering Starlink. (Left part is the Modem. Right from speedtest.net. Ain’t DSL wonderful! But it IS compared to the dial-up we used to have out there.)

I see where Killary Klinton says no one is above the law. Except her, of course. Anyone else think she’s got that painting of Bill in the blue dress that was hanging on Epstein’s wall stashed in their bedroom?

Saw a video of some 3rd world country (NOT the USA) (Argentina?) where the government hasn’t been able to do anything about the motorcycle robbers so the people have started to run them over or otherwise fook them up. Sounds good to me. Maybe we ought to consider it here? Give folks 10% off their car insurance for every 2 protestors blocking a freeway that they take out.

I’m normally not a violent man; but I see violent times ahead. Especially when President Trump wins again.

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