Nice Hot Day. Busy Day.

Started out pretty nice today so the Dog and I took off all our clothes and went for a walk around the property. Got back to the house, needed something from the Pantry, and, What A Damned Mess!


So I spent a couple of hours cleaning and straightening up the Pantry. Then SWMBO’s side of the garage. Lots of spiders now claim my shopvac as their new residence.


And, I guess I’m getting old. About 1130 I hopped in the truck to go get mail. It wasn’t until I was pulling up to the mailbox, as I usually do, that I realized I hadn’t put my clothes back on. Damn! Glad the truck didn’t break down on the way back to the house. So, I didn’t get “dressed” again until it was time to go pick SWMBO up at the ferry landing.


Like I said: nice day.

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