Construction Continues…

And I keep working on the kitchen remodel too. Had to make a run to ACE for nails (and screws) but work is progressing. Putting in the half-wall where I’m going to move a couple of the cabinets to for the microwave & toaster. Tacked the wall in place “just in case” SWMBO looks at it and decides that just ain’t gonna work!

Bottom cabinet on left will go into bottom at right

And to think, I did all that and smashed/pinched my finger only once! I’m getting better at this.

Had to fill the truck (with gas) yesterday, and, with my Safeway discount, I paid only $2.94/gal. That was nice!

2013-11-06 14.02.56

SWMBO is home safe. It’s raining outside. Supposed to get windy overnight. Life is good!

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