ANOTHER Nice Wx Day! 90+ Degrees

And I’m loving it! Got out and watered all the plants early. Been for several walks on the “back 40.” SWMBO took me to MacDonald’s for an early dinner so I don’t have to slave in a hot kitchen. I think I’ll go lay out awhile. (Cause I can!)


Turns out the Hollie Family Reunion is in Pickwick Landing, TN this year. A development my Uncle isn’t happy about. So I’ve had to replan our trip. We’re still going to get to see the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater on the way to the reunion. Will probably come back through Yellowstone. 2500 miles each way! Gawd!

The Route!

While planning the trip on Google maps, I clicked on this little button that says “3D.’ Dang thing dropped to satellite view and “drove” me the entire trip! Damn! Now if only I could drive as fast as the demo!

So Far:

  • Belfair – Boise 8.5 hrs.
  • Boise – Beaver, UT   7.5 hrs.
  • Beaver-Winslow    6.5 hrs. (Meteor Crater)
  • Grand Canyon
  • Winslow – Amarillo   8.0 hrs.
  • Amarillo – Ft. Smith  6.5 hrs.
  • Ft. Smith – Horn Lake  4.5 hrs.
  • Horn Lake – Pickwick Landing 2.5 hrs.

Yeah, right. Not counting stopping for gas, food & Pit Stops. We may even get to stop in Eufaula, Ok and find the cemetery my grandparents are buried in. (Maybe an hour for that. It’s just off the major highway.) No side trips to Pennsylvania this time!

Oh, we’re traveling only about 8 hours max per day so SWMBO will have time to log in and do at least 4+ hours of work each work day. Nice that she’ll be able to travel while working!


MCARC 10-meter Net went well tonight. Way down in the background we could hear a net from Texas and a couple of guys in California having a conversation. Cool! Also had 2 “new” guys join us. Cooler!!

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