Well. Sunday Started Out Normally…

And pretty much stayed that way. So far. It’s only 1045 and I’ve already

  • checked my e-mail
  • watched Iron Sky again. With the subtitles so I know what’s going on.
  • Showered
  • Had breakfast
  • converted some music video’s to mp3 files for SWMBO
  • checked my e-mail again.
  • contemplated my belly button and checked for lint. (No toe-jam either!)

So, you can see I’ve had a busy (and rewarding!) day, so far. And it’s only 1047!

Fay Wray

Wx: Spotty rain showers means SWMBO, Poop Dog and I got out for only a couple of walks. Hasn’t kept the dirt bikers out of the forest though. AND it didn’t start sprinkling until AFTER I watered the plants for the day. Go figure.

Cool Stuff! 3-D projection on buildings.

MCARC 2-meter chat net in about 4.5 hours. Will I be there or not? I just don’t know right now. (Probably will though.)


Well, for some reason I keep blowing up the engine in the P-51 Mustang.

New tenants for the MILA just moved in. Cool!

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