I Am Not The Droid You Are Looking For

So, I have this headache that really doesn’t feel like a headache. Feels more like the inside lining of my skull wants to hurt with the occasional twinge of kinda sorta pain. I haven’t had a real headache since getting off that one BP med last year, so, this is now unusual.

But, I figured it out (maybe – probably). My Blood pressure today is  127/74, which is so far below the usual 140+/90+ (or thereabouts) that it’s no wonder I feel strange. I’m just not used to being anywhere near “normal” so it makes me feel weird.

OR, it’s my old “Migraine when the weather changes from clear to wet” trying to come back on me. I used to get those all the time when the Wx was about to change even way before the BP meds issue. Haven’t had one in awhile, thank goodness.

I wonder if it’s the COVID (sick with that and worry about SWMBO) and losing 13 lbs (according my scale)? Not that it matters how it’s lowered as long as it’s not from Imminent cardiac arrest, stroke, or, even way worse, my ex- showing up at the door. Ya know, I quit smoking 8-9 years ago but would still rather live fat than die skinny. Stopping smoking and losing weight is supposed to be good for you. Or so the Medical Community keeps harping on.

Not going to take my BP meds yet. Would hate for it all to kick in and lower my BP even further.

Wet on our walk this morning. We did the whole thing though. Dog didn’t want to wear his raincoat and let me know that constantly. How many “I gotta pee” places you going to pass up this morning? He was like “Oh, wait. Let me raise my leg like I’m going to pee, wait for a few moments, then continue my walk to the next place I’ll do the same thing at, for the next mile.” Dipshit.

Listening to Gregorian – Master of Chants Chapter II. Not bad.

SWMBO called while I was out in the garage and we got better reception there than in the house. Go figure.

Raining like crazy out there!

Think I’ll make fried shrimp and fries for dinner. Almost wish I had a beer to go with that.

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