Started Out Fairly “Normal”

SWMBO got up and went to the Genealogy Library for her first shift in a month or more. She has missed going and helping people with their genealogy. The new Directors are idiots.


Step-Son got up and went to some home show he’s supposed to cover in Tacoma. AFO! Sure will be glad when he gets his own vehicle. (His own apartment. Life…)

I did my normal routine (SSS) and am about to get breakfast. Honey Nut Cheerios with Walnuts; as usual. Watching “Die Harder” and trying to get my day started. Sometimes it’s difficult since I “retired.” In a lot of ways I hate being “retired.”

Mmmmmmm. Crisp Bacon, Over-easy Eggs, and Toast with real butter. Mmmmmmm. Sorry, NObama. I enjoy having the ability to change my mind.

So, spent most of the day rebuilding that computer and trying to get Ham Radio Deluxe to connect to the damned radio. Windows XP is working fine. Took awhile to find, download, and install all the drivers. Then I started on the radio stuff.


What a major pain in the ass! After hours of changing all the settings it finally connected. ONCE. Locked up the program and wouldn’t re-connect on subsequent program starts or reboots. I think I’m going to have to just physically de-install the (unused) modem and try again. But that’s a project for tomorrow.

DM780 seemed to work right though. Appears to transmit but couldn’t get any reports from saying so. So I’ll try that again tomorrow also. Saw lots of signals for being as late as it was.

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