Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Big?

bwb08aYes, my site looks a slight bit different since I deleted some things and moved others around. Not a change that the casual reader will even notice; but I notice. Installed Jetpack to give it a try and just went crazy from there. Mostly I wanted a cross poster; so I apologize to Tumblr and G+ if this is duplicated (or triplicated) and I will get that worked out. Eventually.

Stayed outside as much as possible today. Which was off and on. It was a nice day thought cloudy. Dark cloudy. But, when the Sun peeked out it was outstanding! Worked mostly in the new garden area. Planted a beef steak and a cherry tomato plants I went to ACE and got while making a Post Office run. Took the (damned foo-foo) Dog for a walk around the back 40. Pulled a LOT of weeds.

So, felt kind of lazy for dinner and made myself a BLTB (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Bagel) since we’re out of bread or buns. It was still good though. Added some regular Lays chips and a big glass of Southern Style Tea and dinner!

In Other News: In Golf, there will no longer be a penalty stoke for hitting a ball into the water or out of bounds.  The USGA , the R&A, the PGA, after a private meeting with FBI Director Comey,  have recommended that your opponent must prove that you intended to hit the ball into these hazards in order for there to be a penalty. Carelessness or ignorance is not intent.

Mostly just played around the rest of the day. SWMBO got home safe. Not a whole lot other then Warehouse 13 so I think I’m gonna to lay down.

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