Not A Good Day

Yesterday, KG7WEQ-Fred and I went to the USS Turner Joy (DD-951) museum to visit with the Turner Joy Ham Radio Club guys for while. Had a good visit and a lot of good talk.

Tried to give Fred a decent tour of the TJ (since I am a former crewmember) but, I gotta tell ya, those ladders (sailors will know what I’m talking about) kicked my ass this time. God, what a difference 40 years makes! I did find myself almost grasping the rails, lifting my feet, and sliding to the bottom; but managed to stop myself in time. In time not to kill myself at the bottom. And climbing up them was a LOT harder than I remember from back when I was 25.

But had a really nice visit. Fred took me to lunch at Popeye’s on the way home cause I paid for parking ($13!) and admission. Which I enjoyed doing.

Woke up at about 0300 this morning with all the classic food poisoning symptoms.And all the classic expressions of bodily fluids one so enjoys when presenting with the symptoms of food poisoning. I do so enjoy laying next to the toilet because I don’t want to get too far away from it. Just in case!

So I spent today just laying around trying to not think about food. Not trusting any farts either.

Couldn’t have gotten outside much anyway. Rained all day. Regular downpour several times. Nice river running down my driveway and the back yard is half-assed flooded.

I’m going back to bed.

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