Still Re-Installing Schit

Which seems to be a never-ending job when one has to rebuild Windows. Any version of Windows. Man, I wish I could just switch to Linux Mint.


So, today it’s X-Plane 9 and all it’s scenery discs. Going on 3 hours now. Probably would have gone much faster if that was all I’ve been doing on my computer. Which I haven’t been. Which is usual for me. I’ve also been watching train video’s on YouTube, checking mail, cooking (and eating) dinner (Beef Stew I started last night), and any of a thousand other things I usually do on Sunday. Laundry.


MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930. I kinda sorta don’t feel like being Net Control tonight. Haven’t really felt well at all today. Not really feeling sick; just blah. Probably the “Blah! It’s Still Winter!” Blahs.


Well. Net went well. Except we NEED a new repeater. A New 2-meter repeater. Yeah, 70cm and 220 would be nice; but let’s get the damned 440 repeater working so new/old Hams in the area can join us for a Net! Damn, Dudes! What’s so hard to understand about that?


Anywho, think I’ll call it an evening, turn Doctor Who loose, and just chill until bedtime. Can get in 2 whole episodes before that!

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