What’s That Old Saying?

Let’s see. Oh yeah: FUCK ME IT’S COLD OUT THERE! Damn it’s cold outside. Only had to get out in it a couple times, and once voluntarily cause the Dog really wanted to go for a walk, but I actually had to get my “winter” coat. And it’s only 35 degrees. I’m really a weather wuss! And they’re saying we have the possibility of snow tomorrow night and next Monday & Tuesday. Oops, change that to next Wednesday. Maybe.

Hadn’t planned on actually making dinner for anyone but myself as SWMBO took a friend to the Temple today. Figured they’d stop and get something after their session. BUT, she called me to tell me that she was just dropping her friend off, was on her way home and she hoped I had dinner ready when she got here. Oops! So she got a can of classic chicken noodle soup and some crackers. I had a can of roast beef soup and crackers. (Note: no matter how it sounds, the crackers were not in the cans of soup. Should have used a couple of comma’s there.)

Well, just finished the last three seasons of Doctor Who. I do like Matt Smith as the Doctor. Now to gather and watch the Tennant set!

Wish I Could Take Pictures Like This! As Well As This!

MCARC Wednesday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well tonight. Y’all should have joined us!

One last closing thought: I hate NObama and all he stands for. I hate the NObamacare in all it’s forms. However, if the Democrats really want me to sign up, if they really want me to want to sign up, they’d put on a tv special with all the Democrat Congressmen & Senators online signing in, signing up, and making their first payment. So far I have heard of no Congressmen, Senators, NOR President NObama doing so. Why should I?

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