Tremors–A Cold Day In Hell (2018)

NC08-009Direct to video. Picked it up at Walmart yesterday. Watched it today. At first I wasn’t impressed. Got better the 2nd time through. I think they made Burt Gummer just an angry Old Man. WAY louder than he needs to be most of the time. Ah well. Still one of my favorite series of movies.

Not a whole lot gonig on. Date Day yesterday was nice. Tried a new meal at that Mexican place in Shelton that I did not (NOT1) like at all. Everything tasted okay (except that corn on the cob covered in what the HELL is that!?) but EVERY cut of beef in the weird taco’s I ordered were mostly gristle. I am not kidding. So about the only things I ate were the rice and beans. Which were good.

SWMBO and I spent too much at Walmart as usual. She got her hair cut and dyed so she looks a lot different. Still looks like my Schweetie but different than she’s been for about/over 10 years now. Still cute as hell!


Did I mention that I got rear ended in the drive through pharmacy line on the 1st? That’s about the only thing that’s happened to me lately.

Hmmm… Boring shit today. Oh, Weather is right on nice today! Me and the Dog got to take off all our clothes and go for walks and it was just perfect out. Sunny!

I made some kind of crock-pot chicken for dinner. We ate it. Wasn’t too bad but not sure if it’s a keeper or not.

Been watching how to convert a cargo trailer to a mini-camper. Think I’m going to do that for when the Dog and I have to get somewhere by ourselves. We just don’t need that 23 ft Caravan for the two of us!

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