Pretty Much A Normal Friday…

SWMBO took me to FPH in Port Orchard for breakfast. I actually had pancakes! Happens once or twice a year that I get the urge to eat a pancake or two. Today was the first for 1013. Was good except FPH heats their syrup.


We dropped Poop Dog off at the animal haircut (senior moment) place on the way out. Several hours later he’s back with hair much shorter and much cleaner than when he left. Doesn’t even look like the same dog.


Just been lazing around. Didn’t sleep well last night (thanks Cat!) and don’t feel like doing much today. Sun came out for awhile and I got out and lounged in it. Warm. Nice. Kept trying to fall asleep but never quite made it. Probably a good thing.

Just not much going on now. Getting late enough that I ought to start thinking about what I want for dinner. Maybe Clam Chowder? Maybe a TV Dinner? Fried burritos?


BTW, in case you’re interested, we’re a bit less sore today from our exertions yesterday. Thank goodness!

Spent some time playing with PSK31 on 2-meters then just browsing the different bands. No contacts at all.

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