Well, That’s One Worry Gone.

Mostly. The Renters came up earlier and apologized for not paying rent yet this month. She says her Dad will not pay the rent; so she and her other half are going to try to make a go of it. (Living.) Asked me if they could please stay in the MILA. Promised to have this and next month’s rent for me by the first. I agreed with the caveat that if they don’t pay by the 1st of March they have to move out or I will start legal proceedings. And they have to quit the fighting at 0300! We’ll see…

Ender's Game. Movie was okay but I WANT THAT BATTLE ROOM!

Other than that just not much going on. Poop Dog and I went for a walk around the property, during which he took off like a bat out of hell chasing something. Must have been a deer because that’s really the only thing he’ll chase. Spent a good 10 minutes looking for him. He’s in the bedroom trying to live down a “Bad Dog” now. That means no bedtime cookie tonight…

Still cool and sorta breezy out. Sux! I am really missing Summer!

Star Trek: Nemesis

And that’s it for today. SWMBO is home safe and getting her dinner. I’ve brushed my teeth and they’re sitting in the cup on the sink in my bathroom. Kind of watching “Ender’s Game” again. (In HD this time!) And it’s almost time to hit the rack.

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