I Was Gonna Post Last Night, But

SWMBO came to me and said “I haven’t seen Ant Man yet. Why don’t we sit down and watch it together?” Well, who (in their right minds) could dismiss an invite like that? Not I, that’s for sure.

2016-12-19 06.53.55

So, we sat and watched Ant Man. By the time that was over it was well past my bed time. Was nice just sitting and watching a movie with her though. I do enjoy her company.

All My Antenna Wires Are Hanging LOW!

Woke up to several inches of snow this morning. Cool! Still had to get SWMBO to the ferry landing in time for her ferry though. Not cool. But, we left about 10 minutes earlier than we usually do and just made it in time. That was good. On the way home I saw about 6-8 cars that had slid off the road. Probably driving too fast for the conditions. The whole round trip took 1.5 hours cause it was actively snowing the whole time. Really slowed most people down.

BWBlond014Still, it was kinda fun. Not snowing now and I see on the Wx map that rain is coming in so most of this should be gone by afternoon. We’ll see. I hate rain now. Would rather it snowed.

Filling out a “adoption form” for a dog at a rescue site near here. Wow. One would think I was applying for immigration to Australia or something. Welfare would be easier to get! All I want is a young dog to take me for walks a couple times a day and be a member of the family. References? References? How would I discipline my dog for unwanted behaviors? Visit my house?

Too much. I’m about to tell them to shove their paperwork (intrusive paperwork) and wait until spring when people are giving away puppies at Safeway.

Just got back from picking SWMBO up. Roads are wet but not icy. If it rains tonight most of this snow will be gone by morning. Just hope the roads aren’t slickery in the morning.

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