In A World Of Democrat Liberal Pansy Ass-Wipes – BE The Elephant!

So, we hit something. Ship took a terrible beating. Doc’s stuck to the wall by a 2 inch pipe sticking through him and into the good Earthian (is that a word?) steel that makes said internal wall. The Captain’s breathing vacuum through the simple method of his head being stuck through a hole in the external bulkhead that his body has effectively plugged (so we’re only slowly losing our atmosphere). At least, for some crazy reason, I’m hoping that his head is sticking out into space and not, you know, squished flat. But we are losing air so there is a hole.

I’m still woozy from hitting the control panel with my noggin in the initial collision and I think I’m missing a hand. Just not sure which one right now.

And the damned gravity is down. No, that’s not correct. The Gravity is not working; otherwise there’d definitely be a down. Right now there’s no up or down or even sideways that I can tell. Luckily, aft is still aft and that’s the direction I need to go.

Taking a last look around at the Bridge, I can tell it, and we, are well and truly fucked. The only command and control to ever come out of this room again is whether I let loose my bowels or not. I’m probably only barely in control of that. Let’s not add to our problems.

I really should spray some deck sealant around the Captain where his head exits the ship. Might help. Couldn’t hurt. We always thought he was a bit stuck up but I’d rather not make that literal if I can help it.

My nose itches but I don’t want to reach up to scratch it and finalize which one is missing. Or not. Both wrists hurt and I’m wondering: wouldn’t a missing hand hurt worse? Or would it not hurt at all since it’d be missing?

Either way, I don’t want to make it a done deal. Ain’t real until I finally look.

Gonna have to look though. And soon. IF one of them is missing I’m probably bleeding. Could make me too light-headed to save myself. I mean since Doc is stuck to the wall like a bug on a pin and all he ain’t gonna be much help. So, look. Look, damn it!

Where was I and why is the toe half of a shoe floating away like that? Wait. Looks familiar. Hmm.

Dear Diary, You’ll never guess what happened on my 3-day tour routine trip to supply the scientific team on Charron. Everything was hunky-Dorey until we came out of hyper and WHAM, worst day of my life!

(Y’all are welcome to add to the story in the comments. Try to keep it to several paragraphs though and let’s see where this goes. If anywhere…)

I love that elephant.

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