1915 Spam Attacks Were Blocked for www.stanking.org is a lie. They didn’t even have computers back then so how …

Yes, I know. The voices keep telling me I have to post every once-in-awhile or explode with all that I’m keeping inside by not sharing. Of course, the Voices tell me other things too. Things best kept secret. For now.

Can’t really say there’s too much going on around here. SSDD. Get up. Check e-mail and read news while drinking my morning coffee. Shower. Walk the Dog. (Not at the same time!) Breakfast. Chores. Freeze drying “stuff.” Drive out to the mail box and check snail mail. Chores outside or around the house. Fix dinner. Watch a couple episodes of whatever SWMBO and I are binge-watching. Bed. Repeat. The life of an Old Retired Guy in America.

And, yes, I read and get upset with the “News” and what’s happening with our Country. Even bitch about it occasionally. Trying not to get my blood pressure up too much and figure the responsible parties will get what they deserve eventually. Look at Liz. Out on her ass. I’ll do my part come November. See, y’all, that’s the thing about most of us conservatives: leave us alone and we’ll get along. All we want to do is live our lives without stress and drama. But, fuck with us long enough and we’ll start fucking back.

Worked for 3 days on the new NAS/Media Server only to wipe it this morning and start all over. Just wasn’t working right and I knew it could be better. It’s gotta work for SWMBO (the non-technical half of this relationship) for several years after I step through the Multi-universe veil to my next assignment. She insists. Both. (That “shit just works” and that I take that step one day.)

Also setting up a Raspberry Pi for her to use as her desktop. Got it ready to go except for getting Thunderbird set up.

Playing on the radio some. Just dialing around and listening in more than anything else. 20 meters was going pretty good yesterday. We had a big CME hit us and it made radio a bit swinky for awhile around here. Some places I never heard before came in really clear for a few.

Forgot to stay up for the aurora last night though. Bummer.

One of my radio friends that’s new to being a Ham came over the other day to learn about Raspberry Pi’s and a program called “Chirp” that’s used to program radio’s. Turns out he lives in a house not much bigger than our living room and library combined (but it is on the waterfront). He really liked my shack/office (which is the “formal dining” room we would never have used that way). He wants to come back and learn a bit about digital modes.

Speaking of freeze drying: Did a watermelon and cantaloupe the other day. Both have this “super charged” flavor taste now. It’s like concentrated taste. It’s good. We’ll be doing those again. The Sherbet turned out “okay” to me. Think I like ice cream better.

I’m thinking we need Trump as President with Reagan as VP (if he were alive) and Rambo as speaker of the house.

SWMBO caught me looking at girls (girls being 30-40 now that I’m old) at the Walmart the other day and wanted to know what I thought about while doing so. Told her straight out: Not thinking about WHAT they’ll do in bed; but what time they go to bed.

Hot out today. Finally at that age where heat and I don’t get along if I have to get off my ass and DO something. Not like when I was a kid and 110 was “not bad.” Now I’m more than willing to just chill until evening. Feel bad I’m not wearing out the new tractor.

Oh, they set up the trailer down at the river for the fish counters. Which means we’ll have only a few more weeks of good Wx. About a week or so past when they pack it in for the year the weather turns to shit for the next 5-8 months.

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