I’m Getting Too Old For This Sh*t!

My Lovely Young Bride of almost 30 years came to me last night and asked how I’d like a week long trip to Utah at the end of August. Well, Yeah. She wants to go visit our BFF’s and do Genealogy at the Salt Lake City Genealogy Library. Sure! As long as she can park me and the Caravan towards the south so I can go visit Canyons and such while she’s doing genealogy stuff.

5 Green River Overlook - Austin-Lehman Adventures

But, there’s the problem. If our friend can’t pick her up and drop her off each day then she’d need to take the truck. (SWMBO. Not our friend. Nevermind.) Which would leave me unable to drive around in the desert. Which I really like doing.

So, she says “How about I do 3 days of Genealogy and You do 3 days of Canyons?” That’ll work! But I feel kinda sorta bad about her not being able to do genealogy the whole time. I’ll get over it. I’m strong that way.


So I’ve already reserved a camp site at the Jordanelle State Park for 3 days and am looking for a camp ground “down south” kind of centrally located to the many Canyons available. I, of course, want to see them all but I don’t think it’s physically possible in only 3 days. I may have to pick one (or two) and stick with that.

But, which one? I saw part of the Grand Canyon way back in 1968. SWMBO has never seen the Grand Canyon. Neither of us has ever been to Bryce Canyon, Glen Canyon, Zion, or any place in Southern Utah.


The sheer amount of choices is distracting! And Frustrating! Fuck! I need 2 months; not 3 or 4 days! (Excuse my French.)

But, looking at the map, I kinda sorta think the Grand Canyon is out for this trip. Unless she decides she really wants to see it; then that’ll be pretty much the only one we’ll visit cause it’s really South. Long trip.


We went to WinCo instead of Safeway this week. While there we picked up a couple of gallons of their sweet tea. I like it! I like it a lot better than Safeway sweet tea. Tastes more like real tea and not sugar water with some tea flavoring. I think (know) next time we need sweet tea where I’ll be going even if it is a “special” trip.

Not much else going on around here. Really cloudy but warm. Almost muggy and we had a couple of sprinkles. I moved 1.5 of my planters (about 60 cinder blocks) to the upper back yard. (This is what I’m getting too old for!) Just stacked the cinder blocks until I rent a digger and level out the yard where I’m going to move my garden to. Think I wrecked my back. Again. (Man, it hurts right now. I’m getting OLD.)


Sat on the front steps and “shucked” peas while just enjoying the weather. Nice out there. Now to blanch them, let them dry, then freeze them. (Oops. Turns out I “shelled” peas. One “shucks” corn.) Either way the Peas are now as naked as I am! Almost needed a cane (or crane!) to get my fat, old, ass up off the steps!

About to make chili dogs for dinner cause I’m tired and sore and don’t feel like getting too complicated for dinner. Could dice some onion though. (I did and it was all good. Didn’t realize how hungry I was until I started eating.)

Had some actual rain late this afternoon. Cool!

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