You Know The Drill By Now

The MCARC regularly scheduled meeting went well. Ric’s a pretty good President. However, we were so desperate for Club Officers that I volunteered to be Vice President. One of the other guys did take over Treasurer, AND, they voted KI7JBM, a 12-year old girl, to be Secretary. No, really! I really don’t know whether to be proud or profoundly ashamed. I just hope that she didn’t feel pressured to take the job. (Not that it’s hard or anything.)


Date Day, yesterday, went as Great as usual. We did Burger King again cause a Whopper with extra onions & pickles sounded too good to resist. This time though, we did something “different” instead of making our usual stop at Walmart or Safeway on the way home: We stopped at Winco! Yep, Winco, where we still spent way too much on way too much stuff but figured we needed all that stuff. And, honestly, there really isn’t that much gheedunk.

GG02aToday has been our usual Sunday routine. SWMBO went of fto church and I started my chores. Laundry is about half-done and the post-dinner dishes are being washed.

SWMBO made some kind of kale-tater-sausage-hanl-n-half-milk “soup” that tasted pretty good (if I’m honest about it, I really wasn’t expecting much for “a great soup we had at our school meeting last Thursday night!”) But, with the biscuits she made it wasn’t bad at all.

Other than that the Dog and I have been on a couple of walks. Not a drop of rain felt today. The Sun even came out occasionally. Nice. Dog must have gotten into something (that I can’t find) cause he’s puked about half a dozen times today. Managed to make it to the carpet each time too! Good Dog! (Not!) I ain’t upset though cause everyone gets the pukes once-in-awhile. I just hope he’ll be okay. He’s eating enough greass!

Been looking over the selection of books and stuff on Amazon and Google. Sometimes I reasses my decision to stick with one provider. Most of the books I’d like to get are similiar in price and availability. Google has some comics I can’t find on Amazon. Other than that: I’ll probably stick with Amazon. I like having all my books in one place so I don’t have to remember what’s where. But, damn, if Amazon ever went out of business …

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well, I guess. I had trouble hearing them, and, after the intitial check in, they had trouble hearing me. Damn1

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