Busy. Not Busy. Busy. Not Busy…

Friday, SWMBO and I waited all morning for someone to come look at the MILA; but they never showed up. So about 1100 we took the RV over to the new owners in Port Orchard. WAY over the other side of Port Orchard.


Then we cashed their check at their bank. Went to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Place up on Bethel. Then to Federal Way to pay the RV off. Back to the new owner’s place in Port Orchard. Then home.

And I had a migraine the whole time…


Saturday I just kinda sorta lazed around the house while SWMBO was off to the Genealogy Library. Seemed like that headache wanted to hang on; even though it didn’t really hurt. When she finally got home we ate then headed out to Home Depot and COSTCO in Gig Harbor. Pretty much spent the money we “saved” by paying off the RV. We needed to spend some “extra” on the dietary staples. Smile


Not much going on today. Scanned a lot of paper stuff and old letters to .pdf files. Scanned some pictures that I missed earlier. Fixed Sloppy Joe’s and chips for dinner for SWMBO cause that’s what she’s asked for today. Just waiting to see if the news starts at 1900 and thinking about a bowl of ice cream. Hmmm…


MC-ARC Sunday Evening Chat Net @ 1930 also.

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