It’s Thursday Already? Again?

Man, where does the time go? I know us old, retired, guys can have problems with remembering which day it is, but, damn. Days just seem to disappear for me.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Posted Monday. Have absolutely no idea what I did last Tuesday beyond picking SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. At the end of the day. Do remember taking the Dog for a walk around the back 40; but other than that: No idea.

Yesterday (and most of today) was my “The Weather Is Changing” headache so I didn’t really get anything beyond my usual chores done. And picking SWMBO up. (Which is always a pleasure even with a headache.)


Did get out to the heavy equipment rental place; which was closed cause the owner was making a delivery. Talked to him on the phone and they do have diggers with 6-way blades: $250/day plus $39 (each way) delivery and fuel. (Which I know I can get cheaper than he ever would charge me.) Gonna have to plan what I want to get accomplished extremely well. Thinking I may need a load of dirt to build up a part of our road too.

Summer - Winter

So, back from picking her up and making snickerdoodle cookies. Yummy! Had a strange call on my truck number on the way home: someone called and asked for my lovely young bride by name, then hung up. ???

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