Another SSDD Wednesday…

I know. I really don’t do much. Nothing that would be considered interesting or exciting. I kind of like it like that. Wouldn’t mind getting out and about more. Take a few more trips to “foreign” places. (Meaning anywhere over 50 miles away.) But I don’t. This is my life. It’s a good life, just not very interesting.

Wouldn't Mind Making Our Trip In One Of These!

Did get into town today to the “Vape” shop. That took all of an hour. Me and the Dog went for a walk while SWMBO was making her rounds to a friends house. She brought my new mag-mount 2-meter/440 antenna back from the Post Office. Now I have to get some more wire to run power from her battery to inside the car for my radio.


She started a new online job today. Cool! Hopefully we’ll still be able to make the trip to the family reunion but we’ll have to stop early every day so she can put in at least 4 hours “on the job.” We won’t make it if she does get a more “traditional” job where she has to go into the office every day.

Chili-dogs and tater salad for dinner. MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930. Went and updated my Blog to show my latest Tweets on the sidebar. Read my mail. Read my e-mail. Think I’ll watch the rest of “Hunger Games.”

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