Thursday? Already? WTF?


For the life of me I can’t remember really doing anything, but, that usually doesn’t stop me from posting anyway. Except, lately, the Dog and I have been going on more walks (when the Wx let’s us), and I think that’s been making me tired enough to just go lay down and go to sleep (mostly). Well, that and boredom.

Cause, I have to admit, I’m bored. The Depression has really kicked in lately. Mid-Winter Blues? Getting-Towards-The-End of Winter Blues? I’m just not sure. All I know is that it’s sometimes hard to get myself to 66Blond04actually get off my fat ass and DO something.

Oh, I got outside and got my long-wire antenna up. That took all of an hour (and was a shit-load of fun doing it by myself). It’s working great though. Listen in on the Noontime Net (7268.5 LSB) and everyong said they heard me great on the MCARC Tuesday Evening Chat Net on 28.450 USB. I even heard most of them. Cool.

66Blond06Other than that: been raining too much to really do many walks today. Dog is bored. I got down in the basement and started straightening up, moving things around, and sweeping up the crap I’ve been meaning to sweep up (for about 5 years now). I have lots of pieces of wood left over from various projects and a butt-ton of old cabinet doors (expensive cabinet doors). Have no idea what I’m going to do/make with it all; but keep it around Just In Case.

It being Thursday SWMBO has class over in the Mullinex building and won’t be home until around 2200. I may just go ahead and lay down early and read a bit before she gets home. Although lately I’ve been doing more Facebook and Tumblr than reading. Again.

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