Went On A Reading Jag

For the last four days or so. Just felt like reading. Finished off “Odd Thomas” and got reintroduced to an old friend, Remo Williams. The Destroyer. So I (paid for again) downloaded and read the first five books of the series. Nice. Hadn’t reread any of those since the 80’s I’de bet.


Not a whole heck of a lot otherwise going on around here. Couple of trips to town for different things. Back to Habitat For Humanity looking for a cabinet that I need for a project. (Didn’t find one.) Stopped by Ace Hardware looking at their whack weeders.  (Spendy! And not really what I was looking for. Need a brushmaster type.)


Was either raining or sprinkling all danged day so I didn’t get out much really. Didn’t get a chance to take the Dog for a walk. He wouldn’t have minded the rain but I sure do. Sure, being stationed with the Marines for so long made me able to ignore it, if I have to, but being “retired” these past 25 years or so has softened me up some. Yeah, I got Old.


The 900 MHz Net went well and the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went equally as well. SWMBO should be home in a few minutes and I’ll get to spend about an hour with her before I go lay down and read some more.

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