Nice Sunday At Home.

butt011bI did start off the day uninstalliing Windows Update KB3035538 so SWMBO’s laptop would quit bugging her about “upgrading” to Windows 10. Tried it out on this Windows 7 VM first and it seemed to work okay. Seemed to be kind of a hassle but nothing any reasonably knowledgable tech can’t handle. Told her to do manual updates; or call me to do it.

Not a whole lot going on. The usual Sunday routine is in effect. Which means laundry is already started. We do need to straighten up around here if her Home Teachers are going to drop by this evening.

Got out and mowed the Front, Front-Upper, Front-Lower, and Back yards. And most of the path to the back of the property. Only took an hour for the rider-mower part. Now comes the whack-weeding the parts I can’t ride the mower over. But not today. No. Not today.

Working on the Rental agreement since our Renter’s are thinking they’d like to rent out the “extra” bedroom to help make the full rent payment. I have mixed feelings about it. As long as the “3rd” person agree’s to sign the rental agreement (so we have some legal recourse if needed) I really can’t see any reason why not. Mostly: 1) try to hold the noise down after 2200 weekdays & 2300 weekends, and, 2) Don’t pitch a fit if it’s a nice day and the Dog & I take off all our clothes and go for a walk. (And don’t be doing drugs in the house!)

The light of my life (SWMBO) made some kind of fried chicken, veggies, and spinach ravioli in spaghetti sauce for dinner. Was good. Later we’re going to have root beer floats and watch a movie

Well, we sat and watched “Age Of Ultron” together. So it’s late. For me. I’m going to bed.

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