Lots Cooler Today. Crap!

But the Dog and I did get out and pick up all that trash our late renters left in our burn pile. Danged trash bag is so heavy with old, wet, diapers and stuff that I need to take the wagon out there to bring it back. Assholes! I’m really thinking of taking it to their Dad in Shelton and asking him to take their “stuff” to them. (Oh, it’s just stuff they forgot to pack and take with them, Joe. Really.)


Just not much going on today. Still sneezing and sniffling and blowing my nose a lot. Other than picking up that trash I really didn’t get a lot done aside from my usual chores. Spent some time updating my WinXP Virtual machines. Moving things around on my hard drives. Trying to get organized.


I need to get off my lazy fat old ass and get this place straightened up! Especially the basement. It’s a mess!


And that’s pretty much it for tonight. Played with LinuxMint 17 way longer than I wanted to when I started. Picked SWMBO up and we’re back home safe if not sound. Not much else going on. Think I’ll start to start getting ready for bed.

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