Well. Procrastinated Long Enough, I Guess.

Haven’t updated here since forever, cause there just ain’t nothing going on around here! Well, except for this Coronavirus (COVID-19) of course.

MAN! I cannot believe the panic, fear, and plain stupidity of people (egged on by the “News” agencies). This mass buy-off of toilet paper is crazy. Toilet Paper? What the hell doesn anyone need  years supply of toiolet paper for? Same with sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer. Dipshidiots.


SWMBO and I have pretty much hunkered down and stayed home. Except for Date Day yesterday.Took her to Bubba’s Burgers in Allyn then ate at the waterfront. Took a long walk on a short pier. Came home.

To show how crazy people are: When we got our order, SWMBO took a taste of her drink and a bubble went down the wrong pipe. So she started coughing. A lady sitting behind us exclaimed “Oh, for heaven’s sake!” fairly loudly and stormed off. She didn’t take time to see what was really going on. Fuck her!

But people are freaked out. Social distancing is a big thing. Cities under “stay home” orders. Businesses closed nationwide. Crazy.


And people on FB get upset when one questions the curbing of their freedom’s in the name of safety. Ok, explain to me how a Mayor granting herself the ability to curb gun/ammo sales has anything to do with a virus. Still waiting. And it’s getting to the point that the government is going to force people to stay in their houses. And probably use violence to enforce that. Crazy.

Otherwise, Wx is getting better. By better I mean warm in the afternoons and has been way less cloudy these past few days. Supposed to rain tomorrow though. Of course.

And that’sreally about it. Covid-19. Self Isolation. Plenty of TP left. Wash hands all the time. Cooking dinner now.


Oh, my colonoscopy was cancelled until a later date. At least I didn’t get through the “go lightly” stuff beforehand!

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