Mostly A Normal, Cold, Wednesday

Other than a run to the bank and Post Office, just not much going on around the old homestead. The dog and I managed to get out and do a bit of the burning on our walk around the property. It was too cold for me to stay out too long though.


Other than that just using Picasa to try to straighten up my pictures into their final order. Would like to get them done and burned to blu-ray and sent to everyone that I think should have a copy. Been thinking I ought to donate a disc to the Smithsonian or the Library of Congress.


Kielbasa & sauerkraut for dinner. Baked tater wedgies and green beans. Was yummy! (Tried digging up some taters from our garden; couldn’t. Ground was frozen solid!)


MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. About 7 check-ins and the signal was great. That new antenna sure helped a lot. It’ll be even better when they decide to buy a new repeater. (We need one!)

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