Vulcan Vivisectionist Visits Villa Via Verona

Figures That The Only Red-Shirt To Survive A Fight Would Be A Good Looking Blond Female!

Pretty normal second Saturday of the month so far. Got up early and headed out to Shelton for the MCARC meeting. It was okay. Still nothing decided about much of anything; but that’s the way the Club works. And our “new” repeater is still being tested! It’ll probably be in “testing” four years from now.

Just playing around and watching Season 2 of the original Star Trek while waiting on SWMBO to get home and take me out for dinner. Waiting on a package from Amazon with my new through-the-windows 144/440 antenna and a Can Crusher. All that’s supposed to be here today; if Amazon Prime Membership means anything. Still not sure how that’s supposed to work; I’ve yet to order anything and get it in 2 days. Half the time it takes 2 days for them to even pull the order and get it ready for shipping.


And it’s still raining off and on. Joy.

My Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 30 years got home, then took me to Sisters Restaurant in Shelton for dinner. Tried something called Chicken Marsala. Yuck. Think I’ll stick to the chili burger and fries from now on. Was thinking of fish but didn’t like their selection. Ah well. SWMBO enjoyed her dinner though.

Then we stopped by a quilt shop and I let her browse a bit before heading to Walmart. Where we spent way too much mondy. I cannot pass the blu-ray bin! This time I got 3 of the X-Men movies. She got herself some new clothes cause she’s lost 2 pant sizes: Woo Woo! Proud of her.

lil06aSo we be home now. Except she just left to go to Safeway cause she finds she needs some oatmeal to make peanut butter oatmeal cookies. She should be back in a few.

Anyway, cookies are cooling on the counter top. SWMBO is off in her room trying to find a video for her class at church tomorrow. I think this Old Guy is going to go lay down and read. Since it’s already well over an hour later than I usually do that. Weekend!

Y’all hve fun!

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