Another Rain(ier) & Windy(ier) Day.

Left for the MCARC meeting a few minutes early “just in case” the Wx was worse over Shelton way. It wasn’t. Still kind of slow in places because of the rain and wind. Branches all over all the roads! Heard on the radio about a couple of trees down. Even power outages around the area.

The outlook @ 1230 today.

My antenna’s are whipping back and forth. Almost think I should get out and put some guy-wires on them; except trying to do that in the wind would be suicidal. Not happening. One of the 20-meter wires has come loose on my multi-band antenna.

Not much else going on. Staying indoors. Listening to the (Ham) radio. Getting inside jobs done. Working on all those scans I made. Half mile on the treadmill.

Forbidden Planet

Warmed up SWMBO’s cream-of-something with veggies soup for dinner. No meat but it was tasty.

And that’s the end of another exciting day living in Western WaRshington.

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