Another Wet Wednesday

Which only figures as I do live in WaRshington.  Despite the rain I got out for awhile and made a trip to Fred Meyers & Wal-Mart in Port Orchard for some things. Picked up mail on the way in.


Night before last I ordered some more e-juice from Mt. Baker Vapor and it was in the mail today. That’s fast! Then SWMBO’s Thrive order came in via UPS. Lots of neat stuff.


Just not much going on. The usual around the house. Today is one of those really kind of boring days. Too wet to get out and walk around. Too many “projects” to do around the house that I really don’t feel like starting right now. Think I’ll bake something.


Nope. Didn’t bake either. Did warm up a can of “thick” chili for dinner. I don’t know what a “thick” is, but it was tasty. Tasted like Chicken.

Oh, my. Something in SWMBO’s computer just started making a grinding/whirring sound. Want to guess how my day is going to go tomorrow?

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. Lasted almost 45 minutes tonight. Cool.

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