SSDD Sunday. Mostly.

Still windy and wet outside so there’s really no getting out there. Not really afraid of getting wet; it’s the limbs falling off the trees one has to watch for! Happens every time it gets windy up here.

When Worlds Collide (1951)

Not much else going on. The usual Sunday Chores: laundry, dishes, etc. SWMBO is going to make dinner. Some kind of broiled steak, mashed taters, & veggies. Yum!

So, I’ve gotten to the point I’m ready to set a date for my step-son to move out. I’ve finally gotten tired of his crap and am ready for him to go. Anyplace as long as it ain’t here. Really tired of his “33 going on 16” Freeloader mentality. After almost 30 years of him reminding me every chance he gets that I’m not his “Dad” (like his real Dad ever did anything for him) I’m ready to accept that, alright, I’m not his “Dad.” Good. That means I can treat him the way he treats me: Completely ignore him, be barely civil, and appear “nice” only when I want something. That’s how tired of his shit I am.


Tired of our “renters” also. Here it is the 12th and they still haven’t paid their rent for this month; knowing that neither of us is working and we need the bucks. At least they’ve quit making a lot of damned noise at night. But they do leave their front porch light on all night which makes it really hard to go out stargazing on those nights I’m able to do so. I’m just ready for them to move also.

War of the Worlds (1952)

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Eight check-ins! Gotta be some kind of record! Was watching my antenna wave around in the wind but it worked okay.

And that’s about it for tonight. Boring, I know. But that is my life. I think it may be time to take a day trip somewhere. I heard there’s an Observatory south-west of us somewhere. Think I’ll look it up!

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