By Grapthar’s Hammer. You Shall Be Avenged.

Tried this Thrive Sloppy Joe TVP stuff for dinner. It was easy to make. One cup of the Sloppy Joe mixed with two cups water. Heat until the excess water is gone. (Which is highly subjective.) Throw it on a bun and chow down. The next time I have this stuff will probably be about 10 years after the Apocalypse. Only after everything else has been eaten that can be eaten. Including Wasps. And dirt.


Don’t get me wrong. I like most of the Thrive stuff. Handy to have around. Easy to make. Just Add Water! 25 year shelf life unopened. 1 year opened. Great stuff to have around for us “Prepper” types. We plan on getting a whole pantry of the stuff.

But not the Sloppy Joe TVP. (I am not kidding about this!)


Was kinda sorta nice out today even with it being partially cloudy. So I mowed the Back and Front-Lower yards. Then I started bracing the new fence posts straight up and down so when I buy cement I can mix it up and pour it in the holes without too much farting around. Then moved the Tent Trailer to the lower driveway to get it out of the way for when I start working on the back yard. Then I just stayed outside as much as possible. Had to get my regular chores done but that was no biggie.


Until just about time to go pick SWMBO up at the bus stop in town. Too bad I expected to pick her up at the Ferry Landing in Bremerton. So I got to make that trip for naught. Lots of Friday traffic too. Ah well. Got her home safe and sound and that’s what counts.

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