Thursday? Already? Hell.

Made an early run to ACE Hardware for some more of those LED Bulbs and some 1/2” wood screws. Got the feeling to “straighten up” my “shack” and need the screws to remount my radio’s in different places.


Which I did even though you can’t tell from the picture. The 900 MHz radio (Left) was just sitting on the counter top. The 2-meter radio (orange light) was more towards the corner and kind of hard to get to. (Don’t know why I mounted it there in the first place.)  The Tuner, Power Supply, and my 857d stayed put (for now). Moved the upper monitor a bit more to the right and higher up so the laptop would be able to open more. Now to work on all those damned wires! Need to buy a couple more microphone hooks too.

Yep, all three radio’s stay on pretty much all the time and all are run by the power supply. Not worried about overloading it because I rarely (well, never) transmit on all three radio’s at once. If I had to I might begin to worry about it.


For a guy that doesn’t like talking on the phone, I sure have a lot of radios. Add the 2 handhelds and the 144/440 in the truck and I have a plethora of electronic communication apparatus.

Not much else going on. Got money when I made the ACE run to make a dump run; but I don’t really feel like it. Probably tomorrow. I really think that flu shot affected me more than I wanted it to. Just feeling blah. Don’t even feel like kicking the Dog around much so he’s off in a corner pouting about it.


So, it’s way later now. SWMBO is home and being fed. I’m watching raspberry Pi video’s on YouTube. (Or trying to. Slow connection tonight.) Think I’ll wrap this up.

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