Dang! My TV/Monitor Has Gone TU!

Guess the power flickered just one time too many yesterday. Not sure though. It seemed to be working this morning then *poof* it went dark. I’ve taken the power supply out to test it; but if it ain’t the power supply then it’d be cheaper to just buy a new monitor/tv over getting this one fixed. Heck, it cost me $100 (used) just over a year or so ago so I’ve probably gotten my money’s worth out of it. We’ll see.

In the meantime I’ve taken the “extra” monitor off my laptop, hunted down my old speakers, and hooked them into my computer cause I’m really used to having two monitors now. Going back to a square monitor sucks though! Too much screen doing nothing while watching a wide-screen show!

AND, the damned light switch in the kitchen made a sizzling sound when I flipped it on so I’ll have to replace that today. Already have the box open; just gotta find a new switch (which I know I have) and turn the power to the switch off. (I always check with my multi-meter before just grabbing wires!) (1 hr later – Done!)

Fixed a Turkey thingie, boiled home-grown taters, and veggies for dinner. It was mostly good. I think I prefer real turkey though…

Then spent an hour updating my Netflix que. Getting things on blu-ray when I can.

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