Secrets Of The Universe!

Last Friday was so boring, except for getting to sit out in the warm sun for awhile, that I just couldn’t bear subjecting y’all to a recount of the day. While I never set out to prove I have some humanity for my fellow beings, occasionally it just slips out by my  non-action.


Yesterday I woke with a headache that hung on until around 1500. I hate waking with a headache! SWMBO got home from the Genealogy Library about 1500 and took me to an early dinner at Taco Bell in Port Orchard. Afterwards we bought a fart sack at Walmart for the bed in the Caravan. Then stopped at Jo Ann’s fabrics and looked at .. fabric .. that SWMBO is thinking of using to make covers for all the cushions in the Caravan. Then a short stop at St. Vinnie’s for kitchen utensils for the Caravan and the usual Safeway run on the way home.


Also got to sit out in the sun before she got home yesterday. Almost Get Naked Wx! Almost. Supposed to be just as nice today (but around here one can only hope).

Actually, just took the Dog for a walk around the back 40 and it is pretty nice out there. Sunny. Almost warm again. Don’t have to wear my coat. Sweatshirt is fine.  Wow, got to the less than shirt stage today. My goodness.


Was lounging out in the sun when I heard a butt-ton (shitload, plethora) of siren’s heading towards town. About 8 sirens all told. Came in and got my radio and turned it on to hear “Vehicle went through 2 walls at the Post Office. Extensive damage.” and that was it. Nothing else about it at all. Hmmm…

Made a roast Turkey thingie, mashed taters, & green beans for dinner. I thought it was okay and SWMBO ate all her portion so that’s okay. Now to finish up my usual Sunday chores and wait for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net to begin.


Which went well. Several of the Members went to the Mike & Key Swap Meet yesterday and got some pretty good deals.

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