Wx Report. Flood Watch. Hang On Until Monday!


Yestarday was pain free. So pain free that I actually got down in the MILA and got some work done. Attached the new handles to the cabinet in the laundry room upstairs. Made semi-BBQ Pork Chops for dinner. Even took the Dog for multiple walks. Nice. I like that.

Otherwise, not a lot going on. It is WET. Poncho time on our walks.

jigglyLooking up CBD stuff online. SWMBO and I are thinking of trying it to see if it’ll help her neuropathic pain and I’m going to try it “just because.” Personally, I’m hoping it’ll help with the migraines; but we’ll see.

A lot of folks tell me THC will help with the headaches, but I’ve never liked the “high” feeling (from my early days of experimentation way back when) so I’m hesitant to go that way. But I’ve been reading a lot about CBD and haven’t really read anything adverse.

Stuff is spendy though and I don’t think Medicare will cover it. I’m going to check the local “head” shops before ordering online too. Once the online folks add shipping I’m thinking it’ll be cheaper (and definately faster) to just deal locally. We’ll see.

Next Day: Went to the first NMARES Meeting of the year last night. Went okay. I volunteered to take over the club blog. We’ll see how that works out.

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