What A Nice Friday!

Sunny. Hot. My Schweetie had the day off and, after her 0800 dental appointment, we went out and about for awhile. Stopped at Bob’s Burger joint in Allyn for a quick, late, lunch. Took our burgers down to the waterfront and sat at a picnic table to eat. Nice day! Being with SWMBO for most of it; really nice!

VintageRed04aAlso stopped by the yarn shop just outside Allyn (on the way to Shelton) where she got some “stuff” that she’s been wanting. (Something that makes balls out of skeins of yarn.) I sat in the truck and talked to my friend in PA. She finished up her buying spree about the same time the call ended.

We been home since about 1500. I finally got out my Ridgid Planer and started learning how to use it. Made a lot of sawdust! Chips. Whatever. Been spending time at YouTube trying to learn what the “repeat-a-cut” feature does. I think I have it; but will wait until another day to check my knowledge out.

She’s been making yarn balls. (Brings a lot of things to mind. But don’t get me started.)

Carrots in back. Peas in front.

Watering the front-upper yard cause the fruit trees need the moisture. Already watered the garden and maters. The potato’s have sprouted and the peas are really reaching out for the climber fence thingie I added to the raised-beds. Cool!

Kaley01aAnd that’s pretty much it. Still watering. Still scanning. Listening to “Prohibition” by Ken Burns while doing all this other stuff. Got out and flew my drone a bit. Trying to get good enough to make precision landings. Getting there.

You know, there are people on Tumblr that repost my posts. I can’t begin to understand WHY they do it; but appreciate that they do. Thanks, Folks!

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