Damn Fine Day! 80+ Degrees Here.

It was hard, oh so hard, to do anything in the MILA what with the weather being so nice. So I compromised: Spend an hour in the MILA then spend an hour sitting outside in the sun. I got a sunburn! No shit!


Getting things taped off in the MILA to spray paint (probably Thursday now). That floor is COLD when you don’t have anything on! Brrr.

Hell, I even got off my fat ass and mowed “my” part of the yard. (Where I go to lay out.) It’s all of 10’x10’ or so.

Damn! Forgot to post this last night! Double Damn!


Today is pretty much like yesterday. About 80+ degrees out there and I’m spending as much time as I can out in it. Damn it’s nice! Unfortunately, I really need to get busy on the MILA so I can paint tomorrow (or Friday). So I got off my duff and did some more of the taping things off for non-painting. Like to froze my bare ass off sitting on that floor! Again!

So, back from picking SWMBO up. Stopped at Safeway and got some things (including a chicken breast for me) on the way home. Think I’ll just chill until bedtime.

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