We Be Home!

Which is really kind of nice. Was way too tired Monday evening when we pulled in (about 2000 hrs.) to post. Then had a really bad “Welcome Back To WaRshington” migraine all day yesterday, so I didn’t post then either. (It was so bad even freezing my head didn’t help. At all.)

Provo River Falls

Not much going on today. Getting the laundry done and the Caravan cleaned out. All I really have left of that is to sweep and swab. Maybe I ought to wipe things down too. And clean the fridge out. Get the rest of the Thrive food out. Wash the outside down. But other than that it’s all pretty much done.

HooDoo Canyon

The trip: Fantastic. Saw lots of new things. New Geology things. And got to do all that with my lovely young bride of almost 30 years. What more could I possibly ask for? Pictures are now on my OneDrive and Flickr. Already getting “favorites” on Flickr. Cool!

Sunrise (or Sunset) Area of Bryce Canyon

Tried turning my Windows 7 C: drive into a VM; and it sort of worked. Won’t let me make any changes to the “My Documents” directory and some other things. Other than that it seems to work great. Tried changing permissions but that hasn’t worked so far. I’ll keep playing with it and will probably stumble on fixing it. The problems may stem from me changing the usual “My Documents” directory to another drive originally. Hmmm …


MCARC Wednesday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well. Once I remembered I was at only 5 watts, that is. All the other’s came in fairly well this time. Then I spent some time taking apart and repairing my big tuner cause the main knob came loose. Wouldn’t make the clickity click sound it usually does. Easy fix though. Now to work on that $100 radio. (Volume knob is not working right. Sounds shorted/dirty.)

And that’s probably about it. SWMBO is off to the quilting party at the Church and the Avenger’s is almost over, so I think I’ll go lay down and read awhile.

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