Sunny And Almost Hot Out! It’s That Rare WaRshington Naked Day!

According to GPredict, the ISS should be directly overhead at 0903. About 0720 I’ll get AOS for this “pre” pass. Got the uplink/downlink frequencies already up and monitoring. DM-780 SSTV up and running “just in case.” Antenna pointed in the right direction (straight up)(I mean; it is just a vertical antenna). I may not hear anything and (probably) have no chance of making a contact, but doing all this preparation has pointed out one very important thing to me: I NEED TO STRAIGHTEN UP MY FOOKING COUNTERS! (What the Hell are all these piles of paper and shit for?)

Screenshot 2015-05-07 07.29.07

Spent the rest of the day puttering around the house and trying to stay outside as much as possible. Then the mail came in.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 20.11.24

The RTL-SDR dongle thingie I ordered a couple of day ago came in. Been playing with that. I’ve heard only commercial radio (FM) on it so far for all my playing around with it. Turns out I need a “upconvertor” to get HF on it. Another $10 or so.


And that’s pretty much it. Think I’ll watch “To Kill A Mockingbird” and hit the rack.

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