Kind Of A Lazy Day…

Got started late; but never really got started. If you know what I mean. After I ran the Netflix back to the Post Office I mostly sat around scanning negatives for those pictures I didn’t have a print of. Think I’ll splurge on the 110 film scanner this coming payday. Would probably be the best $50 I’ve ever spent! I do have a butt-ton of 110 negatives…

She'd have been lunch without it!

Made fried shrimp, rice & veggies for dinner. I though it was good! SWMBO ate all of hers.

Have some people coming over Thursday to dicker for the RV. Not much dicker room but we’ll be as accommodating as we can. We’re only asking $2000; which will barely pay the thing off but will get us out from under the payment. We need to free up some bucks. Our January electric bill was over $300! (Thanks to a couple of those little fridges, a snake warmer lamp and computer constantly running downstairs! Smile )

Wow! That rock she sat on must have been COLD!

10-meter net on 28.450 @ 1930 tonight. Lately my radio has been doing real good for the local net. I’ve heard everyone and they’re all heard me. Now if only I had something to talk about.

I joined Twitter some time ago and am just now trying to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do with it. I can’t (won’t) do minute-by-hour updates; mostly cause I can think of no one that would be interested in my daily (non-)life. And if I’m actually busy doing something I don’t want to have to stop to update Twitter. I don’t know…

Playing with Vue7

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